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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ducken Roll

This was supposed to be a turducken roll (chicken in duck in turkey), but the turkey I had smelled funny, so I cut it down to a ducken roll (duck in chicken).  I had never tried anything like this, and realized halfway through I had never cooked duck before.  Things didn't turn out perfect, but it wasn't bad, and some parts, like the prosciutto crust were great.

I started with boneless chicken breast cutlets, turkey tips, and boneless duck breast.  I had to skip using the turkey, as it smelled like fish.  The cutlets were already thin cut, so I laid them out and sprinkled on some salt and pepper.  The duck had a huge, fatty piece of skin on it, so I separated the two, and cut up the meat into strips and the fat into small chunks.
I placed the duck and about half the fat on the chicken.  The idea was that the fat would melt and spread through the meat.  I also spread some cranberry mustard in the middle.  I rolled up the meat and wrapped it with prosciutto.  To help it keep its shape I wrapped the roll up in the tinfoil for the first bit of cooking. I then cooked the ducken at 350 for 20 minutes, removed it from the tinfoil, put it on a wire rack and put it back in the oven, same heat for another 40 minutes.
The bulge is from cutting and checking for doneness
The result was good, but bland.  It tasted like what it was - a slightly dry chunk of chicken with some medium-cooked duck in the middle, wrapped in some perfectly crispy pork.  The fat was still in chunks, and the mustard had all dripped out of the bottom of the roll and burned onto the pan underneath.

Here's what I'll try next time - and I will try again, because sometimes I like an indulgent, slow cooked, fatty, meat dish (ribs, BBQ beef, etc), and this one has potential.  It needs more fat, a lower, longer cooking time, and a way too keep the flavors in, and more flavoring, and probably a lot more salt.  I think chicken thighs would work better than the breasts.  I will keep the prosciutto crust even though it didn't much fat, because it crusted up so well. Just look at the pictures.

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