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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pakoras, Part II

These chicken parkoras are similar to the apple pakoras, except they are one big chunk coated in the chickpea batter, and I found a new spice blend specific to pakoras.

The mix is mostly corriander and salt, but there's a number of other ingredients. It tastes pretty good. I will use up this box, but won't necessarily buy another.
I had a little trouble getting the pakora batter to coat the chicken. Usually I will make pakoras with small, cut-up chunks, even if I'm making chicken. That lets the batter settle around the main ingredient. With one big chunk of chicken, the batter kind of drips off. I think the trick is to deep fry. The ones in the top picture were the best looking results, but they all tasted good.
I ate them with some store-bought (though made in-store) mint chutney.

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