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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Duck Fat Smashed Potatoes

I had some duck fat, so needed to make something before it went rancid, and I settled on fingerling potatoes, fried and smashed up.
I used fingerling potatoes because they will cook faster than older, larger potatoes and are more tender. For fresh herbs, I used thyme and rosemary.
I heated up the pan, added the duck fat, and let it melt. Then I added garlic and the herbs, and kept the temperature on medium. Finally I added the potatoes and mixed them up in the fat and let the potatoes cook, stirring occasionally and keeping the garlic from burning.

Once the potatoes were mostly soft, I used a potato masher to squash them somewhat and flatten them out. I actually would have liked to have cooked them softer, so they flattened better, so next time I may boil them a little first. I turned up the heat a bit, added salt and pepper, and gave the outsides a little bit of a fry. Simple, but the duck fat taste goes so well with potatoes!


  1. This sounds incredible! Of course I'd probably eat just about anything in duck fat!

  2. Yes, using duck fat is almost cheating. Cardboard fried in duck fat probably tastes pretty good. And I just found a place that sells it pre-rendered at a reasonable price, so I might start using it more. I assumed it was super unhealthy because it tastes so good, but I just Googled it, and it seems to be less unhealthy than butter.