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Monday, February 20, 2012

Eat More Broccoli

There's not always a lot of time to cook, so it helps to have shortcuts. A simple homemade meal will almost always be healthier and tastier than a microwaved meal, and healthier and cheaper than takeout. One time-saver I use is to cook extra rice and broccoli when I can.

My rice cooker has a steam tray, so it takes only a minute or two to wash and chop some broccoli to add when I'm making a meal with rice. Steamed broccoli will keep for a few days, so if I make extra rice, I'm 2/3's of the way to a meal with the leftovers. All I need is some protein.
There are many types of protein you can use, and they take different amount of times. Precooked chicken or sausage is very fast, and so is shrimp. Fish and steak take a little longer to grill or steam, and fresh sausage is also easy to cook.

In this case, I used fresh hot Italian sausage, which I like because it adds more flavor than other options, and even makes a little of its own gravy. Just cook the sausage, slice it and toss in the broccoli, and you're done! Eat it with rice, other grains,  pita bread or a tortilla.

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