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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shred a Pepper

This style of cutting peppers is going to be used in the dish in the next post, and I wanted to explain it first. It is one way to cut a bell pepper into short, skinny pieces, that I refer to as a "shred". I use this more often for red peppers than for green peppers, because red peppers are more intensely flavored and small pieces spread the flavor around.  This goes great in salads, slaws, soups.

After washing the pepper, the next thing to do is get the top off and get rid of the seeds. I usually slice the top off, and then pull out the insides. Then, I'll cut the pepper into quarters and trim off what is left the ribs, the white parts that connected the seed mass to outside flesh.

 One you have your pepper quarters, make thin slices the long way. Use a sharp knife, and it will be a lot easier. The pepper skin can be tough to cut through, so use a little pressure with the tip of the knife. Make a second set of cuts cuts at about a 15 degree angle to the first, and you're done. Once you get fast and confident with a (sharp!) knife, you will be able to prep ingredients quickly, and cooking will take much less time and seem easier!

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