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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Italian Wedding Soup

 While its still cold out, here's one more soup - Italian wedding. The basics of Italian wedding soups are chicken broth, meat(balls), and green vegetables. Its a hearty and healthy soup that can almost be a meal by itself.

To make the "meatballs", I took a shortcut and just rolled up Italian sausage meat into little sausage balls. I browned the balls, and then added onion and garlic.
Once those had softened, I added some chopped tomatoes, and then the chicken broth. As always with soup, the better your broth the better your soup will be. At this point, I also added salt and pepper.
When the broth was hot, I added the green vegetables: baby zucchini, green onion, and frozen spinach. Once the soup started simmering again, I stirred in an beaten egg, and called it done!

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