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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tea Infused Vodka

The last infused vodka used 5 or 6 ingredients and had to sit for weeks. These tea vodkas are much simpler... about as complicated as making tea.

I originally got the idea for tea infused vodka here (the grand prize winner at the bottom). The instructions can fit in a Twitter message with room to spare: tea bags in vodka for 3-5 hours.
Let them brew, pour them in a bottle. I used handle of 3 Olives vodka, and split it into two batches. One got two bags of Earl Grey and two bags of Oolong tea, and the other got Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry tea from their fruit tea sampler (any of the flavors would have worked). Use four teabags for a 750ml bottle or half of a 1.75L bottle.
After a few hours, the vodka darkens, and its ready to drink! Mixed with lemonade and seltzer, you get a Arnold Palmer like drink with alcohol (a John Daly?) or a cherry lemonade. Both are so delicious that they're dangerous, because you can chug them down on a hot summer day.

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