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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leftovers Omlette

I had shrimp, caramelized fennel, and corn leftover from the dinner in the previous post, so I used them to make an omelette.
I started by cooking 2 slices of thick cut bacon. While they sizzled, I mixed together 3 eggs with pepper and chopped basil that I would use to make the omelette.

When the bacon was finished cooking, I chopped it up and added it to the other leftovers. I added some extra olive oil to the pan I cooked the bacon, let it heat and added the eggs. Once the eggs had cooked and set a little, I added the filling to one half, then flipped the other half over to make a pocket. 
Once it cooked a little, I flipped it and let the other side cook a bit.
It was delicious, and it felt decadent to have such a rich mix of foods for breakfast, which is why I love cooking with high quality leftovers. This omelette ended up overcooked, but I generally like my eggs more overcooked than undercooked. I think I could have gotten away with almost no cooking after folding, but I wanted the filling to heat up.

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