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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Vinegar

Until recently, I didn't know black vinegar existed, and I can't even remember where I heard about it. In addition to the vinegar itself, there's some extra flavors. It tastes a little like Worcestershire sauce, and a little like balsamic vinegar. In it's own words "western seasoning theories ... meet with Chinese flavors."

The other ingredients are sugar, salt, vegetables, fruit, spices (or fruit spices?) and caramel. I don't know if the black color comes from the caramel the vinegar itself, or artificial colors (though none are listed). I use it most often in dressings and sauces. Black vinegar pairs well with soy sauce, and holds up against other strong flavors, like chilis or meat.

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  1. the kong yen specifically has the same aromatic as A1 sauce. very yummy.