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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meat Pies

After having some success with corn rotis, I decided to try something else with the corn flour. What I ended up with, I can only call a "meat pie". I used a similar dough as for the rotis, and it was hard to get it thin. The result was on the dry side, so I need to figure out how to work better with the dough.

The filling of the pies was meat and vegetables: ground beef, leek, green bell pepper, and sun dried tomatoes. That all got sauteed with some salt, pepper, and chili powder. I added a small amount of tomato sauce after the beef had browned and cilantro after the meat was done.

The dough was corn flour, with about 10% all purpose flour added (gluten free in this case), with salt and oil. I added water until I got a Play-Doh like consistency.

The next thing I had to do was make the pies. I shaped the base by hand (a roller might have helped). I added meat and a top, also shaped by hand. connecting the top and bottom pieces of dough added more width than I thought, and these turned out bigger than expected. I cooked them at 350 degrees until the outside was browned, about 35 minutes.

If I make them again, I will make the meat spicier (the corn can absorb a lot of flavor) and try to make the crust thinner. These didn't come out spectacular, but they weren't bad, especially for a gluten free food, and there's potential for improvement.

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