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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Bok Choy with Sausage

One of the things I like about good Asian grocery stores is that they have a wide variety of green vegetables. Baby bok choy is one of my favorites - it grills well and also works in stir fries like this one.  I like simple protein/vegetable/grain combinations, because they encourage healthy eating while also being filling and tasting good and fast and easy to cook.

Chop up your bok choy, or other green vegetable, and onion, and some cooked sausage. If you are starting with raw, fresh sausage, you can cook it until close to done and slice it. Here, I used precooked chicken garlic sausage because there was no good fresh sausage at the store.
One thing all of the ingredients have in common is that they are dry. If I am eating with rice, I like to have at least one "wet" dish, so the sauce can mix with the rice. You can make a sauce base with oil and flour. I used olive oil and gluten free all-purpose flour. You fry the flour in the oil, like a roux. After the flour started to cook, I added ginder-garlic paste and then sausage and onion to brown at medium-high heat. I add small amounts of water to keep the flour and oil mix from sticking to the pan, creating a gravy. Then I added the bok choy and cooked it at medium heat, covered, until tender.

 I finished the dish with soy sauce, pepper, and lime juice..

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