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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thai(ish) Pork Kebabs

This dish is one I like to make when I find quality ground pork. Because it's winter, I pan-fried it, but I usually make these on the grill (and on sticks). Pork has a wonderful taste on its own, and in this dish it is complemented by southeast Asian flavors.

The flavorings used are cilantro, cilantro root, garlic, lemongrass, wild lime leaf (often called "Kaffir" lime leaf), fish sauce, and black pepper. Any of these ingredients can be omitted if they can't be found. The cilantro leaves and root, lemongrass, and lime leaf all have a citrus flavoring element, and leaving one of these will leave the flavor similar, but with less depth. The ingredients are all chopped, except for the pepper and fish sauce (use about a tablespoon for a pound of pork). Fish sauce is salty, so no additional salt should be needed.

Mix up the ingredients with ground pork (or ground chicken) and form into kebabs (or patties, or meatballs). Cook them until they're done. I ate these with rapini (aka "Chinese broccoli"), rice, and a simple salad. The kebabs' strong flavors add a savory element and help ground what would otherwise be a light meal.

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