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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grilled Pasta Sauce

I call this "grilled pasta sauce" even though its not really saucy. However, I use it the same way I would use sauce out of a jar, which is why I think of it that way.  The "sauce" is basically just grilled sausage and vegetables. I like to cook the ingredients for this while I'm grilling something else for immediate consumption, because there is an extra step or two to prepare it.

This time, I used bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and garlic. You can use whatever veggies you have, but I recommend the tomatoes and onions. I put the garlic and jalapeno pepper on a skewer so it did fall in. I grilled the vegetables until they were tender, and some hot Italian sausage until it was cooked. I don't often hear about people grilling tomatoes, but they do just fine. I put them on a cooler part of the grill, and they kind of stew in their skins.

Then I diced everything up, sauteed it in some olive oil with a little salt and pepper, added some basil and ate with pasta! Its a very simple preparation that is especially good with fresh, quality vegetables. This is easily made vegan by skipping the sausage or substituting some kind of soy or fake meat product.

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